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The challenging opportunities and new avenues cropping up in the corporate arena in diverse sectors demands the role of a common mediator to act as bridge between buyers and sellers, importers and exporters, and the like. This service facilitates all in the business world to come to a common platform, thus turning the geologically colossus earth into a tiny global village. is a major entity involved in this task bringing manufacturers, buyers and sellers under one pedestal. is a global online platform for connecting India’s businesses worldwide through a portfolio of industry-leading services including free business catalog, free website, free classifieds, free yellow pages, free trade shows, free business listing, business leads, b2b deals, and business inquiries from India and around the World.

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Why Us ?

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Why B2B Portal Website :
Companies are touching greater heights in the present time due to the advent of the B2B Portal Website. The online trading marketplace has become the major breakthrough way to promote the overall businesses and services with major effect to import and export businesses. The import and export industry in the country has received a sizeable growth due to the use of the top business directory in India. There is significant benefit of using the Business Directory. The awareness of the internet has led the use of the B2B websites. Many people today approach to these web platforms to buy and sell goods locally and even internationally. Online transactions are not just helping them save time, but money too, along with the comfort of home. Such transactions also have a tremendous effect on all types of businesses and services leading to import and export business growth, including:

Better Opportunity to Flourish Business: B2B portal website come together with manufacturers, suppliers, importers, exporters, buyers and sellers, traders, distributors and service providers of different country at the common e-platform that bring better business opportunity for all. Further, companies can establish faster and better communication and transaction online.

Wider Exposure: Small and medium organizations have always been struggling with attaining required exposure for their products and services. In such scenario, business listing website operated on the World Wide Web, offering the cheapest and fastest way of marketing and promoting a business beyond boundaries that help companies get wider exposure.

Opportunity to Enter In-to the International Markets: Top business directory in India are providing free ad posting services that prove as a cost-efficient means for SMEs to promote their business easily. As these ads are posted online, these are being visible in the global markets as well, that enable firms acquire leads from offshore market.

Promotion Through Product Catalogs: Online catalog from business directories are being used to search the desired products effortlessly. However, the latest updates are displayed on the top of the list as these directories give preference in the list for updated information. Thus, when you update your product catalogs, you get free promotion from them.

Trade Leads and Fast Inquiry: B2B websites are providing the fastest methods to send trade inquiries and receive leads for overall business growth. Interested buyers can post their inquiries on B2B directories. Simultaneously, sellers can give quick response to buyers by sending them trade leads online. It further accelerates the speed of business.

Nurturing Long Business Relations: Companies are nurturing long term business relations with the help of the B2B websites platform. Manufacturers, suppliers, traders, service providers and others spread across the world can share together the common e-platform for business transactions.
B2B marketplace makes the business and service industry capable to face the tough market competition. The extended reach of the online trading platform becomes the biggest advantage for the entrepreneurs and professionals to support overall business growth. Top businesses directories in India are promoting trade opportunities in local, national and international market in very convenient manner. This has massively impacted the demand of Indian products in all the markets of the World. Indian traders and service providers, mainly importers and exporters have benefited enormously with the introduction of the B2B portal websites.

A Single Place To Find More Than 100 Dealers At A Time: By becoming a standard member of a trustworthy B2B portal like, you get instant access to countless number of buyers and sellers, suppliers and service providers on a single page. That’s the beauty of the World Wide Web, there is never a dull moment. On an average scale, one trusted B2B trade directory has more than hundred thousand listing of suppliers and buyers. Therefore, your business has an opportunity to expand sales by locating buyers and suppliers, irrespective of national boundaries. A noteworthy advantage of business listings is that it helps form a community where everyone has an equal chance or is given unbiased treatment. Therefore, your business gets an equal opportunity to boost sales charts dramatically.
Quick Decision Making Facilitates Simple Trade: Buyers often take reference from trader listing websites for searching sellers or retailers in their area. Without wasting time on searching for solutions on actual marketplace, a buyer simply visit a listing site, studies and compares his or her options and makes a decision to purchase or keep browsing. The ability to slice out all that time-consuming jazz about travelling to places in the city is what’s so distinguished about free listings claim.

Precise E-Cataloguing for Simplified Product Explanations: Many online businesses believe in cataloging their products and services, especially in case they service a diverse range. This will require an online product content management solution with a powerful user interface with high functionality and ease of access. With sophisticated product cataloging, it is easier for prospective buyers to browse and navigate through website pages, searching for the best-suited option for their requirement.
Conclusion – Approaching to new technologies and techniques that are effective as well as proven becomes crucial in businesses to attain success. And, B2B technology, that’s where, comes very handy and affordable as well to make its distinct position in the niche market.